Steve Byrne

"I finally have a 10-string bouzouki that I'm over the moon with. I've tried various makers over the years, but have never found an instrument that met all my stage and recording needs, while also suiting my playing style. Well this is certainly it. Being able to discuss the woods and specifications in great detail with Heiner has made for an immaculate instrument. I've not even had it a year but the sound is improving all the time, I can't wait to see how it 'grows'! I've already recorded with it twice and had great feedback from engineers and producers. Plus Heiner's pickup system is a dream compared to most other systems I've used, I never struggle for a good sound on stage. Ausgezeichnet! Now, how about that descant cittern?!"The lovely mother-of-pearl neck design is my own request, of the silhouette of Arbroath Abbey, from my home town.

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